Politics is broken

Politics is broken. Ordinary people feel locked out. For decades we’ve been working harder for less, while elites buy access and influence. Too often progressive parties find leaders from a tiny pool of think-tanks and unions. We can’t go on like this.

If we want to build a more equal, just and sustainable Britain, we must disrupt politics as usual. That’s why we’re organising a force for change with ordinary people at its heart.

A dangerous year

We Can Win launched in 2016 - a year that’s felt like the world is veering in a dangerous direction. We realised that we can’t wait for the change we need, so we’ve committed to roll up our sleeves and fight for a better future.

A better future

While things may look bleak, when we look back at the struggles of the 20th century, we’re hopeful.

They show us that people, when organised, have the power to change the world. Civil Rights were won, not by politicians, but by ordinary people acting together. The NHS was built from the demands and struggles of people.

We want a future where our leaders have forged their politics with the communities they represent.

A plan to make it happen

We Can Win combines the strengths of grassroots community organising with the digital chutzpah of the Bernie Sanders campaign and the politically savvy messaging of Obama. We are committed to:

  1. Organise powerful communities by bringing people together, identifying leaders and training them in the skills and tactics needed to win.

  2. Launch courageous causes from local issues that matter to people and that have national impact.

  3. Back progressive leaders with imagination, integrity and diversity to win.

We’ll do this with a national programme of training, technology and focussed organising.

What’s our agenda?

Our agenda is to reinvigorate the progressive movement with the power, imagination and integrity of people. We want to build a new coalition: whether you’re the mum doing three jobs to make ends meet; the young person locked out of a good job because you were born in the wrong postcode; the ex-miner now scratching a living driving cabs; the EU citizen now fearful of your future in the UK; the refugee now under attack or the professional unable to afford your rent.

Who’s behind it

Dan Firth, Founder and Director of We Can Win. Dan has trained hundreds of people to organise and helped communities win millions of pounds of investment, running campaigns for justice around good jobs, Living Wages, decent housing and safer communities. He is a nationally recognised trainer and associate lecturer in Community Organising, and formerly a Director and leader at Citizens UK.

Jana Mills, Founder & Campaigns Director. He led on the communications strategy to re-elect the UK’s only Green MP, Caroline Lucas. He’s worked with causes including Save the Children, Robin Hood Tax, Refugees Welcome and Bite the Ballot.

Hollie Pycroft is a Campaign Manager and copywriter, who cut her teeth volunteering for Barack Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012.

Damiaan Melis uses his brand and design skills to inspire progressive movements that put people in the driving seat.

We Can Win is a movement initiated by Small Axe (07877552), a non-profit which supports progressive organisations to move people to act on the most pressing issues of our time. Official correspondence can be sent to 7-15 Greatorex Street, E1 5NF.