City of London Corporation

Since summer 2016 we have been organising in the City of London Corporation - the wealthiest square mile in the world where, beside the gleaming towers of banks and multi-national companies, around 7,000 residents live.

Many of the residents here suffer from poor health, in polluted communities and unstable social housing where developers frequently try to push them out.

The City of London Corporation (the Square Mile) is the symbolic home of wealth inequality, corporate interest and failing democracy. Here, businesses are able to vote in local elections - and the bigger the business, the more votes it gets. That means residents never have more votes that the ultra-wealthy corporations they live alongside.

On March 23 the Corporation is holding elections, and We Can Win is working to expose the anti-democratic practice of giving business votes.

We're going out to organise with residents and low-paid workers in the Corporation, who rarely have access to the votes that the bosses and CEOs of their companies are granted. 

Because we know that when extraordinary 'ordinary' people come together and take power from elites, anything can happen.

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