We're back!

We’re back! Just as the Paradise Papers scandal is reminding us all of the gross inequalities in our political and economic systems, We Can Win is revving up the next phase of our movement for a fairer future, built in the heart of our communities.


We left off after our successful campaign, building local leadership in the City of London - the only constituency where businesses get more votes than residents!

This work - in the poorest community in Britain’s richest square mile - shows starkly the impact of the tax dodging exposed in the Paradise Papers. These shady deals in City skyscrapers hit communities all over the country - starving our NHS, straining our schools, and leaving so many of us struggling to make ends meet.

The outrage around Panama Papers needs to act as a rallying cry. We can, and we must, build a fairer system. We've been trying to build that call to action, with a video about tax dodging that we put out on social media. You can see the video, and share it on Facebook, here, or Twitter, here.


We spent months in the City campaign building power in the local community. We skilled up local leaders, who took on the big corporate candidates. Just this week, residents that we’d trained up earlier in the year were calling out the gross inequality in the City in the Mirror and the Guardian newspapers.


From there, we travelled all over the country. Just last weekend, we kicked off a listening campaign with local activists in Loughborough. The week before, we were training students in Birmingham to push young people’s issues onto the Brexit agenda.

We’ve worked with migrants Oldham, Mums in London and ex-miners in Doncaster. We’ve visited Stoke’s pottery community and former factory towns from Dagenham to South Wales. We’ve been looking at what a future of economic justice could look like in what were our industrial heartlands.

We’ve had thousands of conversations with people from every walk of life, of all ages, Leavers and Remainers. And right across those diverse communities, we’ve found a common thread. All of us are tired of decisions about our future being taken out of our hands and focused on the demands of an elite few. We want that power back, and we’re ready to take charge.

We know that if we want an economy that works in every local area, not just city skyscrapers, and a democracy that works for ordinary people, not just a privileged few, then we need to build it for ourselves.

So let’s get started. Will you help us reach more people and build those big ideas, by sharing the video?

We’re still starting up conversations, and we’re still looking for solutions that we can try out. But we know this much already: the future we need won’t be handed to us from the disconnected political elite in Westminster, nor the profit-driven banks and big businesses. It will have to come from us.

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